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Negativity breeds Negativity; Positivity breeds Positivity

Negativity breeds Negativity

Positivity breeds Positivity

Choose Wisely

 This is IT!’s slogan, mantra, motto, focus. In some ways it says it all, doesn’t it?

YET! How so very easy it is to fall off the bandwagon with this one. Negativity creeps in, even when we don’t recognize it, and suddenly we’re drooping, hit from behind, whacked on the side of the head, leveled by it and we never saw it coming, never realized we had slipped onto the wrong path for – was it just an instant?

When I work with clients and groups it is interesting to watch the dynamics as we interact. Often, really, really often, people don’t see the negativity they’re spreading; usually with their fingers pointed away from themselves. And believe me, I know how hard it can be. I slip up, too.

The real key to this whole statement is to watch YOURSELF, NOT the other guy/gal. You can’t control them, but you CAN control your reaction to them; you can control what you add to the mix. Ask yourself at these moments – do I want to add negativity or do I want to add POSITIVITY. It is ALWAYS a choice.

Important! Don’t kick yourself for falling into negativity; just get yourself out of it. We all make mistakes, we all slip up, we all get impacted by the myriad of things that come into our purview in the course of a day – when you can recognize, quickly, when it happens, you can turn it around. Then YOU are spreading the right stuff – POSITIVITY.

You may have noticed this is right there at the top of this Blog and it is an off quoted item in my many books on “Understanding and Working with Difficult People.” That is because it is that important.

POSITIVITY – spread it around!

It will start coming back to you, too!


Joe Koob

P.S. Comments, thoughts, inspiration, and responses are always welcome. Trust me, the more people who expound on a topic the better we all understand the overall ramifications and the better we feel. Send this blog to your friends. Feel free to e-mail (see link). And I am always willing to consider ideas, thoughts, questions, quotes. etc., from people who want me to expound on something on a subsequent blog.

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