That black-haired beauty and I: Part IV “The Owner”

There was an on-line ‘article’ recently about what a dog (breed/type) says about their owner. Here are a couple of excerpts with commentary:

  • Labrador Retriever

This dog typically attracts an all-American, guy-next-door-type owner. We picture him nonchalantly tossing his pooch a tennis ball and running shirtless, leash in hand. Sure, he may be a tad predictable, given his dog of choice, but when predictable comes with six-pack abs … we’ll take it.

Okay, so the ‘shirtless’ is not quite true in my case, but I have always been a BIG dog lover. Arwen (That black-haired beauty, in case you haven’t been following along) is a cross between a black lab and a golden retriever. She does fetch, loves the water, chases things, and we do lots of things together. She is the all around great pooch for “The All-American Guy’. Hey what can I say.

Now the ‘six-pack’ abs, might be another small problem. I do have them, it’s just that they’re hidden beneath a bit of rotundity – which I might add I keep working on or I wouldn’t qualify as “The All-American Guy’.

So to be totally open here. The article also speaks about the ‘mutt’ owner. And in reality Arwen qualifies as a mutt:

  • Mutt

A mutt owner is usually laid-back, humble and has a good sense of right and wrong. Given his choice of dog, he likely isn’t typically into a cookie-cutter woman: He’ll actually dig the crooked tooth you’re totally self-conscious about, as well as the weird slobbery sound you make when you chew — in short, he appreciates what makes you, you.

Laid-back? You bet. I’m a product of those late sixties and seventies when ‘laid-back’ was IT.

Humble? Well I have my moments. Then again we all have our egos to deal with, too.

Good sense of right and wrong? Now that’s a dissertation in and of itself. I think I’ll let that one lie.

And, well, I do try to appreciate people for who they are. Though it is hard, isn’t it, when someone is treating you badly, or IN YOUR FACE? One of the hardest things in dealing with people, dog-owners or not, is understanding that they see the world very differently than you do.

You know that person who gets on your nerves all the time may just be a ‘Yippy-dog’ owner. Wonder what they say about guys who own chihuahuas or poodles or terriers?

Now you see! If you’re a small dog owner I probably just raised your hackles a bit. Those differences!!! We DO see the world (and dogs) (and dog owners) (and cat owners) (and…) differently. The question is can we make the effort to understand who they are as they are without trying to change them or denigrate them? ACCEPTANCE is a good word for this week. Think about it!

Arwen is a pretty good exemplar – she loves and accepts everyone.


Joe Koob


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