Who are you?

One thing I have been contemplating for some time is the balance point between who I am and who I want to be. I also think about this when reflecting on how other people approach me.

The truth is what we do and say reflects on who we are. Difficult people (or when we are being difficult) portrays who they are, not us (or US, not them). So…

     If someone puts us down — they reflect their own negativity to us and to the world AND very importantly if WE put someone else down, we are making a major statement about WHO WE ARE.

Hence, think about the following:

What does sarcasm speak volumes about? Us/them?

What does anger speak about? Us/them?

What does prejudice speak about? Us/them?

What does unfairness speak about? Us/them?

Makes you think, right?

I am sure you could add to this list a hundred-fold — things that have been done or said to you, things you have done or said to others.

Start toay and think about what you are doing/saying or about to do/say says about WHO YOU ARE.

And in the obverse — when someone is getting on your nerves — how does what they are saying or doing state volumes about WHO THEY ARE?

This can actually make a major difference in your own choices in regards to what you are putting out there, and in the choices you make reacting to what someone else is putting out there.

It ain’t easy — but hey, we’re learning here!


Joe Koob


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