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That Black-Haired Beauty — The Life of Riley

That Black-Haired Beauty — The Life of Riley

Sorry I have been so long away. Something about life in Florida for the winter keeps me focused in other ways. That is when I write my books.

Take a look at this photo and you’ll know I don’t really need to say much more. But life teaches us in many ways, so I will.


This is not me. I am not one to relax (in or out of the pool). I am a do-er. I am even doing things when I am not doing things – like playing games, or editing, or looking through things, while I ‘watch’ T.V. Or when I’m at a pool or the beach, I will be either – napping, reading, or walking – I will definitely be doing something, not just lying there.

I just can’t seem to not do anything for long.

Dogs, and our Arwen, are great at doing nothing. They have made a fine art of it. Arwen has so many positions for doing nothing that I think she took some contortionist training. Here is another one:


You may wonder why I bring this up in this column. Well…it’s those differences again. Some of us are do-ers, some of us aren’t. The do-ers don’t understand the relaxers, and vice-versa.

In business terms I have talked about the differences between people who “Get it Done” versus people who “Get it right.” In an extreme sense, a ‘Get-it-done-er’ wades through things, accomplishes, does, without too much pausing for ‘how right is it?’ The Get-er-Right’ people spend considerably more time making sure EVERYTHING is correct, right, in-place, perfect…etc. They might not get anywhere near as much done as a ‘Get-er-done-er, but they will get it Right.

Which side are you on?

You see, it’s not like I don’t care about getting it right. I WANT things to be right, correct, perfect, but my energy and drive seem to get in the way. It is one reason I spend so much time revising things that I write. And even after multiple revisions a ‘Get-it-Right’ person will still see the error of my ways. But I do get LOTS done. My son refers to me as a Renaissance man – I am into that many things.

Heck, you can argue this type of thing on both sides ad infinitum. And most of us could take sides.

So here’s some advice. Wonder, marvel, admire, be astonished, and in the end, accept, those who are different from you. There’s a reason – sometimes we have to get things done, and sometimes we have to get ‘em done right. Get enough of us together and both will happen.

Have a great day.


Joe Koob

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