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How Yah Feelin’ Today?

One thing I have paid attention to over the past few years is how much ‘How We Feel’ affects ‘Who We Are’ [and ‘How I Feel’ affects ‘Who I Am’]. Right now I am thinking physically, but this certainly also has to do with our emotional well-being and sense of peace as well.

If we really pay attention to ourselves, we can begin to see that how we feel makes a big difference in how we present to the rest of the world. If we have a cold, an ache, constant pain, malaise, and so forth, it is actually very hard to be ‘chipper,’ ‘fun,’ ‘rambunctious,’ ‘elated,’ ‘happy,’ and so on. Sometimes the best we can do, even when we realize we are hurting, is try not to let our misery affect others – or at least as little as possible.

Think about this in relation to people you think of as ‘difficult’. Do you know what is behind their ‘difficultness’? Yes, often it may be something more psychological/emotional than physical, but do you know that? If a physical ailment, possibly a serious illness or a debilitating condition is at the root of a person’s moodiness or ‘difficultness’ does that change how you would look at them? How might you treat them differently if you had this understanding?

One truth I probably have mentioned several times in this column, and in my books as well, is that difficult people are hurting. Whether it is from something physical, or from something that has caused them to see the world in a vastly different way than you, is there REALLY a difference.

It all goes back to treating people the way we should treat all people. Or treating people the way we want to be treated if you want to consider The Golden Rule. Being nice, being kind, being compassionate, being understanding should extend to all conditions and all situations BECAUSE only then will you have a real chance of helping them through this minute, or this day, or this week, or…

It’s nice to think we CAN help others; it’s nice that we CAN help others. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing our perspective a little.


Joe Koob

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