Succeeding with Difficult Customers – Key Idea

“It’s not just about being Nice”

Most business’ train their customer contact personnel to ‘be nice’. This IS important, but it is not nearly enough. Here are a few thoughts about going beyond being ‘nice’.

Beyond Nice to Kind

“Kindness implies we take a step beyond simply being congenial, to making an effort to understand what is troubling a customer.”

Understanding the customer is one of the major sections of this new book of mine. Niceness is, well, nice, but customers see through ‘canned’ niceties. What they want is to be understood – to have you address their concerns.

Kindness means you make an effort FOR THEM. It’s not company policy; it’s YOU! It’s making the effort to put yourself into the equation.

How do you like to be treated when you are working with a representative from some company – either in person or on the phone?

Choose Kindness every time. Your customers will notice.


Hint: You’ll have far fewer difficult customers if you make this effort.


Joe Koob

Next up: can you add a wee bit of compassion to the mix?

“Compassion is Kindness in the most difficult of circumstances.”


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