Men are…

My new book, “Difficult Men: A Book for Women by a Man” addresses the very important consideration about how you (if you are a women reading this) feel about men. It’s worth thinking about, because the better you understand the feelings you have toward: men in general, and a specific man you are having difficulties with, the more successful you can be in coping, weathering, dealing with, being successful with them.

This type of question can of course raise some strong feelings, so if you need support when working through something like this do it with a friend, life-coach, therapist… someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Keep posted. Book is at publisher and I’m hoping it will be out within the month.


Joe Koob


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  1. Bill Hoffer

    Great, kid.  Good marketing idea to target women.   Water receding here, and things starting to get done.  Moe later.                                                                            hoffo

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