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Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

A good friend sent me a number of quotes from Steven Wright (comedian, “philosopher,” etc.) and this one has more depth than comedy. Kind of gets you thinking, doesn’t it? Imagine hearing this in a droll manner, with little affect, and then a long pause after the delivery of the line — that’s where the humor comes in. I could see George Carlin raising an eyebrow after such a line. (MHRIP)

Depression, non-enthusiasm, unmotivated has roots. Maybe if we get to the roots, we can work on the source and not the symptom. 

Sometimes when i am feeling this way (and today isn’t far from the truth — its cold, windy, and going to be very wet soon in un-sunny PA), I try to immerse myself in something motivational; sometimes writing helps (e.g. what I’m doing now :}); and sometimes — for me, since I am a “do-er” — the best thing is to do something.

Writing helps because I am not only “doing”, but I am using my rambling thoughts to sort through things — I’m working toward the source of the ill-ease. I highly recommend it as a minor type of therapy (and it doesn’t cost a mint either). 

Got the blues? Sit down with your computer, tablet, or if you still own any — a pencil and sheet of paper, and talk to yourself. OR you can talk to someone else: that can be quite therapeutic as well, most of the time, however, it’s probably not wise to let them or anyone else see your ramblings. This type of work if for you.

Talking to yourself on paper (or a computer screen) is far different than letting things run through your head. We tend to perseverate and go through things over and over again without really getting very far when we “talk” to ourselves in our heads. Writing it down takes time, thought, and it helps us focus. Whatever we “talk” about becomes more concrete.

Now, as with any kind of “therapy” you should be careful and not push yourself too far or too hard. If things start to get difficult or overwhelming, get some support or help. It’s always wise to understand where you are at emotionally at any given point.

Otherwise, just see where your thoughts and emotions take you. You just might find that you’ve built up a little enthusiasm for yourself and life again. Hey, I’m already feeling better. Maybe that Black-Haired Beauty would like a walk — there’s a stupid question. Well, I’ll be “doing” something and have an appreciative partner to boot. 

Try writing — you can even write me. I listen. [Use the Ask Dr. Koob link]


Joe Koob




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Living in the Moment


You have to love how that Black-Haired-Beauty enjoys life. Here she’s experiencing the ocean (gulf) for the first time. But water, is, well water, except this type doesn’t taste so good.

There are so many moments in our day that we seem to just let go by us. Moments that with only a slight bit of effort we could make better, maybe even extraordinary. Here’s one that meant something to me, though it was barely a gesture on my part.

I was going into a vegetable market and a lady, over-burdened with her purchases, had some paper napkins fly out of her bag and blow across the parking lot. She snagged one, but thought better of trying to chase down the others, as they continued to blow about, and she was too loaded down to want to pursue them.

Since I was heading in the direction of the wind, when I reached the napkins I bent and picked up one, and then the other. Walking into the store I placed them in a trash bin. 

What made this event more memorable, was that a lady coming out of the store said, “Thank you for that,” to me as I passed; and an older man sitting right by the entrance said, “A true gentleman…” as I passed him. I laughed, touched him on the shoulder, and said, “…and a scholar.”

Small little things: interactions that would not have happened except….things that brought a little lightness into the lives of several people. Sometimes, often, that’s all it takes. Plus! I got some exercise to boot. What’s not to like!

Live in this moment today… or that one… or the one coming up. You, and some others might just have something special come of it.


Joe Koob

P.S. Don’t you just love the beach!





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