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Graduation Day

arwen iv 007

Congrats to all the new Graduates out there. That Black-Haired Beauty isn’t graduating from anything (unless you considerate it a graduation to move into senior citizen status — if so, then I deserve congrats too!).

Have you ever thought what you might say if you were to ever give a graduation speech. We all have been through enough of them; these days we graduate from almost every level it seems. And if you have had any of the myriad of experiences I have had, you’ve heard some lulus. I even sat through one as a professor that was so depressing I wondered if the Senator giving it was on drugs — it was all about doom and gloom and world Armageddon — now that’s a cheery topic to send the grads out into the world on.

I think if I was to ever give such a speech I would focus on more positive things. Maybe I would start with Kindness — because if you take kindness as one of your major tools in dealing with that wide world out there, you’re going to have a lot better time of it than if you don’t. Then I might just add in a bit of Consideration and a good dose of Compassion. Finally, I might end with the key to all of these: self-awareness. You can’t know how you’re coming across to others, how you are impacting them, unless you pay attention to yourself.

Now grads, get out there and toss a bit of these three around: Kindness, Consideration, and Compassion. Others will really be glad you do; and you will be glad too.


Joe Koob

P.S. My wife has asked me on occasion how I get Arwen to pose for all these portraits: basically trial and error and treats. Here are a couple of pics that didn’t make the cut. Truth is we have a great deal of fun getting to the good one.

arwen iv 006

arwen iv 005

arwen iv 008

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