Each Step I Take

Each Step I Take, the Horizon takes one too.

It seems

so Obvious


The frontiers of unlimited space


With me.

I hurry,





Keeps pace


Each Step I Take, the Horizon takes one too.

I wrote this short ‘poem’ many years ago and it seems as relevant now as it did then. As I get older (and I AM getting up there), I keep stepping ahead, trying new things, trying to figure out old things,.. I do struggle and I sometimes weep for myself, for others, for days past, and hopes that continue, but seem farther away than ever before. Life in a continuance — up until the day we pass to something else. Today I will continue with it to the best of my ability and who knows, because we never really do, what may come of it. There maybe some precious moments; there may be some frustrating ones; there may be pain, joy, sorrow, struggle, but there will always be choices. Today I choose to move ahead as I have done with most of my days. Maybe this day will have an unsuspected joy to it; or some moment that I can treasure in spite of what I may have to deal with. I look forward to that moment. I hope my eyes are open when it happens.

Step ahead… I dare you.


Joe Koob


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One response to “Each Step I Take

  1. Bill Hoffer

    Unlimited space…you got that right. Good one, Kid.

    You know, up here you can see the Milky Way on any clear nite when the moon is gone. Did you know it cuts right thru the Nav Triangle, and also right over Casseopia (the chair with the big tit star) ?

    It’s only 54,000 light years to the center of the M.W. from earth. About 150,000 years across the whole thing….just a little hike.

    Did my last Moe’s Monday up here today. Perfect day…70 degrees, sunny, leaves at their peak, and got my burrito free (B-day coupon from Moe himself). It’s possible I might make one more, but we usually have to consume food to empty the fridge before shutting down….so can’t count on it.

    Moe later. Hoffo

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