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America the (once) Beautiful and that Black-haired Beauty

I think most of you know the song “America the Beautiful.” Well, this blog is about how it’s becoming less and less beautiful because of a great many inconsiderate people. Yeah, I’m talking about all those idiots (I would use a lot stronger term here, but I’ll be nice) who think throwing garbage, cans, bottles, plastic and styrofoam cups, etc., etc. out the window’s of their vehicles, around our parks and picnic areas, and into rivers and streams doesn’t matter. This also includes smokers — if you don’t care about shortening your life=span, at least be courteous enough to dispose of butts and packages in appropriate places.

That Black-haired Beauty and I have embarked on a campaign to make our little neck of the woods more beautiful again. We often take our walks along a short stretch (1/2 mile) of Hwy 41 here in Florida, as well as a longer stretch along a drainage canal. Our mission is to clean up these two areas by gathering what we may once a week and disposing of it properly. It will take a bit of effort to really clean it up, but after a few weeks maintenance should be easier. Arwen helps by sniffing out anything that once contained food (which necessitates me getting to her quickly enough that she doesn’t eat anything remaining).

So here’s the challenge America: for all of you who take walks, why not occasionally take a bag along and help clean up your little neck-of-the-woods. If enough of us do it semi-regularly (even once a month will help) maybe we’ll actually make some progress in helping re-beautify our country.

And for those of you adding to the problem: GET WITH THE PROGRAM!. You ARE creating a mess out there and it does matter!!! If you just don’t give a …. then maybe you should go live somewhere else; somewhere perhaps where they regularly pick up after lazy idiots like yourself.

And here’s a special message for our young people: YOU will set the stage for the next 50 plus years in this country. What legacy do you want to leave for your generation, and eventually for your children and their children?

Come on, folks. It’s not that hard to make a little effort.


Joe Koob


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