Gentleman and Ladies

People send me pictures, quotes, and the like. I really like getting them because often they remind me of what is important. Here is one for today**:

Featured image

This applies to Ladies as well, but because of the focus above, I put the “Gentlemen” ahead of the “Ladies” (in this one case).

The main point I want to make, besides the key idea above that it is OUR choice how we act, is that it really doesn’t take that much to be a Gentlemen. Here are the key points I would NOT emphasize (and also the one’s I would).

Being a Gentlemen is not about:

Fine clothes, being a snappy dresser

Nor is it about your car, your house, the amount of money you make, how tight your abs are, or how glamorous the lady hanging onto your arm is.

Or whether you’ve been knighted by the queen.

It isn’t about your looks, either.

Truth is, I’ve met Gentleman (and Ladies) all over the world and in practically any venue you can imagine.

Want to be a Gentlemen (or Lady)? Then try:

  1. Courtesy
  2. Consideration
  3. Kindness
  4. Compassion
  5. Valuing other people regardless of who they are, where they come, from , what race, religion, culture, or ethnicity they come from.
  6. Helping others
  7. And maybe something that can combine all of the above: giving of yourself.

Be THAT person for others. And thanks, I, for one, will sincerely appreciate the effort you make.

Best, Joe Koob

**Thanks and Hat Tip to Bill.


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