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Did you know?

Did you know that was developed so that people have someplace to go to to learn more about:

“Understanding and Working with Difficult People.”?

If not, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to sharing with you some of the resources and tools we have available: many for FREE! [Or you can just visit our site at and surf around.]

FREE list of books and resources relevant to helping people with difficult people concerns:

Cartoons that are free to peruse just for some laughs:

FREE Grins with “You might be a difficult person” jokes:

FREE Stories from out short story contest:

Other resources:

LIST of all our books with description, TOC, and Preface:

LIST of coaches we recommend for personal and professional work: [Including yours truly].

  • Help you through concerns with difficult people: at work, at home, with friends and acquaintances
  •  Help you with life concerns
  • Support and Encourage you through difficult times

You can also contact me directly: by using our “Ask Dr. Koob” form.

And if you have a more pressing need: Call our TOLL FREE number and leave a message — someone will get back to you within 24 hour: 800 928 8735

PRESENTATIONS, SEMINARS, PLENARY ADDRESSES AND GROUP COACHING are also available with Dr. Koob: call 800 928 8735 or e-mail [] or contact me through this blog.

Examples of presentations:

“Succeeding with Difficult Men at Work” (for Women’s groups)

“”How to have more FUN with your Life and Work”

“Understanding and Working with Difficult People”

“Succeeding with Difficult Situations at Work” [Coworkers, Bosses, Managing Employees]

“Time Management — Believe”

There you go: pretty much anything and everything about “Understanding and Working with Difficult People.”

Our goal is to help YOU! We design our efforts to your needs and budget whenever feasible.


Joe Koob

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It’s a Dog’s Life (or cat’s)


No, that Black-Haired Beauty did not get a complete makeover and dye special. This is just a pic sent to me. But it’s one that makes me smile inside. That Black-Haired Beauty loves her child’s plastic swimming pool, but she doesn’t like baths — go figure!

Not sure whether this lady (or guy???) is happy or sad, but it almost looks like she’s wondering what’s going to happen next. Maybe this is her personal hot tub experience.

Pets definitely have that ubiquitous ability to make us feel good in so many ways. Take some time to notice how much they can add to your life now and again, and if you don’t have a pet, get a hug from a friend’s or neighbor’s:



Joe Koob

P.S. “Dialogue” will soon have its own blog. I’ll let you know when.

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