“Dialogues” site now on line!

“A Dialogue with Mephistopheles” is now up and running at: https://dialogueswithmephistopheles.wordpress.com/.

I will quickly publish the first four “Dialogue” blogs with some minor revisions (which were first posted on this site) and then continue the “Dialogues” as soon as Bub gets back to me. ENJOY.

Intelligent and probing questions and comments are always welcome.  I will respond as appropriate. Who knows, maybe Bub will weigh in, too.

In the very near future, this blog will return to its focus on positivity, dealing with difficult people, and general issues centered around hopefully helping, inspiring, and occasionally amusing fellow humans.

Always remember: “Positivity breeds positivity; Negativity breeds negativity… Choose wisely.”

AND, “When you have a choice between being right and being kind; choose being kind.” (paraphrased from Wayne Dyer).


Joe Koob


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