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Love is not a Commodity

This is a great quote:

“Love is not a Commodity — it doesn’t run out.”

Which I picked up at an LRT (Loving Relationships Training) this past week.

Think about this one alot, because it can set the tone for a lifetime. It seems to me that far too often people act as if love is a commodity:

  • We parcel it out.
  • We “reserve” it for the right people.
  • We only give it to someone who “deserves” it; whatever that means.
  • We often hold ourselves back.
  • and so forth

Remember love comes in many forms. It’s not just about sex; or “The One.”

Maybe “Caring” is a better word to use for some of us to handle this concept. “Love” seems a bit extreme,.. BUT! Again, think about it. Is it really even a little bit extreme? Isn’t love what it is all about; in the final analysis which would you rather haveĀ as a legacy: love or hate? love or fear? love or blah?

There are many ways to share love with yourself and with the world, and most of them don’t cost anything either — maybe a tiny bit of effort, a shift in how you view this day, a stretch of your imagination, and above all a willingness to take a chance.

  • Love can be a warm puppy.
  • A stroll in the park.
  • A joyous hug
  • A friendly hug
  • A hug “just because” [I once hugged a lady in a wheel chair in the hospital — she had had so many blood tests done they couldn’t find any “fresh” veins. She needed a hug; so did I.]
  • Holding hands
  • Just touching someone in some way (and that doesn’t necessarily mean physically).
  • A small gift
  • A BIG smile
  • A sunny day.
  • A rainy day after too many sunny ones.
  • Just about anything you can add a bit of love and caring to.

Dream BIG; Love BIG:



Joe Koob

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