This may be one of the toughest words on this list of “99 Words for Leaders to Live By.”


Generally speaking we want people to be honest with us — even if it hurts.


Being completely honest all of the time is very difficult to do.

So where are the lines drawn?

What about “little white lies.”


Am I being honest if I tell only part of the truth and hold back some information for “the betterment of all concerned?”


Am I being honest if I tell the truth, but in such a way that the listener believes I am not telling the truth? Or they can’t discern whether I am telling the truth or not?


There are likely many situations we can come up with where “honesty” as the best policy can be very difficult.

Perhaps Shakespeare adds a bit to the understanding of this discussion:

“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Making choices about truthfulness must come from the depths of who you truly are — and yes, they do come from your “Integrity.” If the choice you make comes from your best intentions, without guile or subterfuge, and without personal gain holding sway; then you have likely done the best you can under a given circumstance.

Weighing honesty is something we do every day; perhaps, quite a few times a day — your best choices come from your best YOU.

“Farewell: My blessing season this in thee!.”

Joe Koob



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2 responses to “Honesty

  1. Richard Colwell

    Are these ideas still relevant with the change in administration?

    • Good question. I would imagine most of us are quite disappointed with the last 12 months of politicking from many perspectives!!! Which is a good reason the throw these ideals out there at this time.

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