Would our politicians and leaders be responsible for their actions!!! Isn’t that the whole premise of our democracy? That we elect them to be responsible for our country, our lives, even our world?

Responsibility isn’t easy. We all know that.

HOWEVER! If we are truly honest with ourselves and make an honest effort to be responsible for what we do and say, and especially in how we treat others, that is what really matters.

If you only care about yourself, if you blame others for everything and never take on the things that you do and say with personal honor as the foundation of your actions, you have no right to be in a leadership position… period!

I don’t always measure up; I’m not perfect; I make mistakes; but I do try to own up to those things that I have had difficulty with. I am willing to admit when I am wrong.

Responsibility, I think, is best measured by your own conscience:

Can you say, “I’m sorry,”?

Do you make an effort to admit when you are wrong or made poor choices?

Are you willing to make amends?

Can you turn away from ego and choose kindness, compassion, and love instead?

Choose truth. Everyone you encounter in life will appreciate the effort.


Joe Koob


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