This Blog is about providing information, insight, inspiration, humor and irreverency on occasion, and a forum for anything to do with “Understanding and Working with Difficult People and through Difficult Situations”. As such it is closely aligned to the goals and ideals of my website www.difficultpeople.org.

In one respect I am continuing what have been popular free segments of my website – Musings, Pet Peeves, Humor, Ask Dr. Koob, etc. – in a more open and global fashion (and means, hopefully!).

I plan to BLOG about once each week (which was the original format for my “Musings” newsletter) both to disseminate information and hopefully spread some, dare I say, ‘Love’. The Blog format allows easier access, a better way for all who are interested to make comments and share wisdom and ideas, and helps with logistics on my end, too – so that I can spend more time with the important things like writing the blog.

Fundamentally this is about one Key Idea, which will be the focus of my first blog and has become difficultpeople.org’s slogan: Negativity breeds Negativity; Positivity breeds Positivity – I hope this is the foundation for my work and for our relationship through this medium.

Choose Wisely my friends,

Joe Koob

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