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My New Book


Sorry to be away so long, but for awhile there I was once again struggling with my meds. That seems to have settled down considerably and there is hope in a new treatment that will hopefully solve this concern as time goes by.

In this blog I would like to introduce my new (old) book that I am publishing for free over the course of the next several months on a new blog:

I wrote Purple is for Searching many years ago — circa 1971-1972 — and very nearly got it published back then, but being completely unfamiliar with the publishing world, I let several opportunities slip away. Much thanks to several senior editors for their encouragement to a young writer. It is also the first book I ever finished.

When I wrote this work I had in mind to make a statement of the times, and as such , wanted to couch that in the guise of a children’s book: not unlike, but very different from The Little Prince. Thankfully I had the artistic talent of my dear sister to draw upon. I am publishing this book in her memory.

If you would like to read this book for free on my blog, please go to the address above. However, it is also available for all the different e-readers at their respective on-line sites or at for $2.99.

I also hope to eventually offer a free version in its “Purply” entirety on its own website: However, that is still a bit down the road.  Unfortunately, e-readers and the blog do not offer the opportunity to publish the work as it is on paper with purple lettering and precise formatting.

Hope you have all been well. Please stay in touch, and as a taste for “Purple”:

Purple is for Searching 1600x2500 (2)

Purple is for Searching


A Book for Children of all Ages


Joseph E. Koob II

illustrated by

 Katherine R. Koob



Enjoy with

a spot of tea

a cup of coffee


a mug of hot chocolate


if you dare


some nice

Lemon-Blueberry Scones*


*see recipe at end of the book



after all






an adult book for children.






it is really, simply


A children’s book for adults


One day in City

        a baby boy was born. His name was Littlewhiteyellowblackboy.

Which wasn’t a very appropriate because he wasn’t

        white at all . . .

                or yellow . . .

                        or even black . . .


                                         He was purple.

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