Books about Succeeding with Difficult People

Understanding and Working with Difficult People

 We believe this book presents the most comprehensive material available about being successful with difficult people. It is designed to be a practical, accessible introduction to the very broad topic of dealing with difficult people/difficult behaviors. Since every difficult situation is different, the focus here will be on building a basic understanding of how you interact with difficult people, what makes difficult people tick, and the most fundamental skills you can bring to the table to help change these encounters for the better. Includes: “The Seven Keys to Being Successful with Difficult People.” [Paperback – 29 Chapters]

ME! A Difficult Person?

The second of our signature books. Me! A Difficult Person? focuses on learning more about yourself. Most of us are occasionally difficult or seen as difficult by others. This may simply be a matter of different perspectives, or it may mean that we have some inner work to do.This book is concerned with understanding more about how you come across to others, and understanding more about who you are as a person. It is also concerned with self-improvement, i.e., learning to make changes in your approach to others that will help make your interactions with them significantly better, and that will bring you more peace, comfort, and joy in your life.  [Paperback -20 Chapters]

Work Trilogy: Succeeding at Work

Succeeding with Difficult Coworkers

We have all had occasion to work with someone who seems to have a wide range of concerns with other people in the workplace. Can we succeed with them and turn a difficult situation around? Definitely! This book provides you with many ideas, skills, and tools that you can use to be successful with difficult colleagues. The power is in your own inner strength and the knowledge, understandings, and skills you can develop. [Paperback – 30 Chapters]

Succeeding with Difficult Bosses

Have a tough boss? This is a practical, in-the-trenches approach to succeeding with a difficult authority figure. A (how to) book for one of your most important relationships at work. Find your personal power! [Paperback – 32 Chapters]

Managing Difficult Employees

Empower yourself as a Leader! This book is written from a grass-roots perspective of how you as a manager work with and lead your people. This book is about being successful with difficult situations you WILL face at work. It is about Integrity, Respect, and what you need to know to make a difference. [Paperback – 31 Chapters]

Dealing with Difficult Situations: Trilogy

Difficult Situations – Dealing with Change

Difficult situations can certainly produce a great deal of angst and as a result, difficult people. From my own long personal experience, I know that when things are tough, I can get much more difficult than normal. Those are the times when I know I need to deal with my own stuff. This book is a broad understanding of what you can do to cope successfully with a wide range of difficult situations in your life and work. [Binder format only – 29 Chapters]

Honoring Life and Work: 99 Words for Leaders to Live By

This book provides a foundation of key ideas that focus on Leadership (and Personal) qualities, attributes, and behaviors that honor not only our work but our life. It is my firm belief that true leaders work to serve their fellow employees, their team, their company, their customers, as well as their families and friends. This is about understanding and working on those attributes that make great leaders.  [Paperback – 99 Sections]

Leaders Managing Change

Leaders Managing Change is about understanding and dealing with the ongoing stresses of constant change in the business world today, but most importantly it is about leadership. When I really thought about the concerns that are a regular part of high turnover rates, leadership changes, acquisitions and mergers, and the myriad of other transitions businesses face today, the focus came down to leadership. Good leaders get things done. This book focuses on knowledgeable leadership: What you need to know to help you deal with change as a leader. It presumes you are already inspired, good, intelligent, and practical. This book is about making a difference. [Paperback – 25 Chapters]

Caring for Difficult Patients, A Guide for Nursing Professionals

I believe that the Nursing profession is one of the most admired in America. We think of Nurses as professional: that is, they have a knowledge base and skill set that is unique and valued — the quality of their work is important to them; and we also think of Nurses as people who care about their patients — they are concerned with our well-being when we are under their care. These considerations are the focal point for discussing how to best deal with difficult patients. [Paperback – 30 Chapters]

Dealing with Difficult Customers

This book is for anyone who is in contact with customers on a regular basis: clerks, sales personnel, customer service representatives, phone service representatives, managers who are in the customer contact loop, and so on. It is also for those company executives who want to gain insight into what is really important for them and their representatives to know about working with difficult customers.

While many businesses do provide customer relations training in how their personnel approach customers in a positive and gracious manner, there are other important knowledge and skill development areas that are often left to chance. This book takes the learning into several other important dimensions of customer service: Knowing and Understanding the customer and the training and support these customer contact personnel are receiving. [Paperback – 26 Chapters]

Guiding Children

Guiding and working with children is on the mind of every parent. This book focuses on skills and tools to help you as a parent provide the best possible environment for your child’s development. Avoiding difficulties through intelligent upbringing as well as how to guide children through difficulties are discussed. This book is not only about helping you to guide your children through concerns that arise, but it is even more about enjoying your children. They do grow up, much faster than we expect. Take advantage of the tremendous joy they can bring into your life and the vast understanding of life that they provide. You will be glad you did. [Binder format only – 14 Chapters]

Difficult Spouse? Improving Your Relationship with Your Significant Other

Having some problems and concerns in your relationship? Facing a divorce? Newly divorced and trying to understand what happened and what you could have done about it?

We feel this book has value to  those who are having difficulties in their relationships with their significant others; people who are considering separation or divorce; recently divorced couples; and for people entering new relationships. The focus is on developing the knowledge, skills, and tools to help your relationship be successful.  [Binder format only – 18 Chapters]

Dealing with Difficult Strangers

Being successful in difficult situations with strangers is all about what you can bring to the situation. You will find a tremendous amount of useful information and skills included in this book that can make a significant difference in how you approach difficult strangers, how you feel as a result of these difficult encounters, and how you can emerge without a negative experience having ruined your day. [Binder format only – 14 Chapters]

Succeeding with Difficult Professors (and Tough Courses)

A book for college students at all levels. What you need to know to make the most of your college career. This book has two main sections: “Getting along with Difficult Professors,” and “Succeeding in Tough Classes.” The first section will discuss ideas and skills you can use to get through personal difficulties with professors. The second section will focus on techniques, study skills, and approaches that will help you get the grades you want. [Binder format only – 18 Chapters]

A Perfect Day: Guide for a Better Life

Dr.Koob’s award-winning book,*A Perfect Day, is about working toward your own personal perfect day. From the time you get up until you go to bed you will discover the choices you make that make your day -for better or for worse. And ultimately you will see that a perfect day IS there for you. Then you just need to ma it happen again and again and again.

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