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Each Step I Take

Each Step I Take, the Horizon takes one too.

It seems

so Obvious


The frontiers of unlimited space


With me.

I hurry,





Keeps pace


Each Step I Take, the Horizon takes one too.

I wrote this short ‘poem’ many years ago and it seems as relevant now as it did then. As I get older (and I AM getting up there), I keep stepping ahead, trying new things, trying to figure out old things,.. I do struggle and I sometimes weep for myself, for others, for days past, and hopes that continue, but seem farther away than ever before. Life in a continuance — up until the day we pass to something else. Today I will continue with it to the best of my ability and who knows, because we never really do, what may come of it. There maybe some precious moments; there may be some frustrating ones; there may be pain, joy, sorrow, struggle, but there will always be choices. Today I choose to move ahead as I have done with most of my days. Maybe this day will have an unsuspected joy to it; or some moment that I can treasure in spite of what I may have to deal with. I look forward to that moment. I hope my eyes are open when it happens.

Step ahead… I dare you.


Joe Koob

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